About Peter Pan

The iconic character of Peter Pan is known all over the world, as he’s been immortalized in story, film, art, and the written word.

The original Peter Pan was a character created by Scottish author and playwright J. M. Barrie. Originally written as a play in 1904, it was turned into a novel in 1911. Barrie adapted the play many times over the years until it was published in 1928; meanwhile, the novel would go on to have many revisions and editions over the years. The play and the novel were published in various forms under the names Peter Pan, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, and Peter and Wendy.

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While there have been many versions and revisions, the main story remains the same: the tale of a spirited young boy who can fly, refuses to grow up, and lives in a magical land called Neverland—a place where mermaids, fairies, and pirates all live not-so-harmonously together. The play and the novel tells the tale of what adventures unfold when Peter befriends the Darling family’s three very-human and non-magic children: Wendy, John, and Michael.

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Over the past century, the tale has been adapted numerous times. Disney’s famous animation (1953) version remains a staple in homes across the world. Other non-animated film versions aired over the years, including  Speilberg’s Hook, Disney’s Return to Neverland, Neverland, a 2003 live-action version of Peter Pan, Pan (2015), and, of course, the entire Tinkerbell and the fairies empire.Peter Pan continues to entertain audiences on stages across the world. In the United Kingdom, especially, Peter Pan, is often performed as a holiday pantomime.

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