After Word (On the Street)

After Word (On the Street)

After Word (On the Street)

I’ve just returned from an amazing weekend in Halifax, and my heart is full. I was invited to present at the Word on the Street festival in Halifax, as part of a Children’s Fiction panel. I love Word on the Street (see previous post on that…), so I was giddy.

Yup: Giddy

Friday: Author Reception

On Friday night, there was a reception for authors at the gorgeous Halifax Library. If you live near Halifax and haven’t been to the downtown library: GO NOW. Such a stunning building that successfully showcases books and has a comfortable vibe (I really did just want to curl up and read the entire time I was there), but it also celebrates community, inviting all kinds of groups to use the space. Such a treat, and I have library envy.

Anyway, back to the reception…it took place on the roof of the library, so we could see the Halifax landscape and watch the sunset over the city. I brought my friend Lisa with me as my +1 and we enjoyed mingling and chatting with other writers, publishers, librarians, and other book-industry people.

What a view!

Saturday: The Word on the Street Festival

My session was scheduled first thing Saturday morning. One of the authors wasn’t able to make it so I shared the slot with Nova Scotia author Jacqueline Halsey, who read from her latest work, Piper. (Note to self: Pick this up for Christmas presents…)

When it was my turn, I took a few seconds to welcome the crowd, but what I was really doing was seeing the age group of those who decided to take our session in. I’m promoting a children’s book, so if there are lots of children in any event I am participating in, I speak directly to them. I also downplay the tragic nature behind the inspiration for my book. I often don’t even really go into the history behind the Peter Pan statue at all…

But, seeing as how it was mostly adults who were there, I decided to speak about the history of Bowring Park, the Bowring family in general, and the shipwreck of the S.S. Florizel, where little Betty Munn died, before giving a reading.

Sharing The Secret of Bowring Park

I really did have a wonderful time, and enjoyed chatting with a few people afterwards. One woman had even been in Bowring Park and was excited to hear a story set in this magical place.

After the session, it was off to the author signing table for a while.

Myself and Rachael Lebowitz (photo credit: Halifax Libraries)

And after that, I was able to take in a few sessions, including one by fellow PEI Writers’ Guild Member, Maureen Duffy Cobb (way to go, Mo!). I also said hello to Editors NS table (I’m an Editors Canada member, and NS is technically my TWIG branch, since PEI doesn’t have one), and browsed all the delicious books on display at the various exhibitor tables.

Taking in Some Halifax

After the festival had wrapped up, I decided to wander around Halifax, soaking up the city. It was a beautiful summer day, so I opted to take in the Public Gardens, where I was gifted at the sight of a mature agave plant.  This not-so-little guy has been living in the gardens for 25 years.

Short Newfie gal meets tall agave plant.

Oh! Another fun sight I just happened to stumble upon? A group of salsa dancers showing off their talent…

I have zero rhythm and cannot dance so I watched in awe.

On the way home, I stopped in to visit with friends who live in Oakfield, near a lake. One of them was actually one of my English professors during my undergrad years, way back when.

This view though… (we made do).

I even got some time out in a kayak. Little known fact about me: I’m terrified of kayaks. Why? I’m not exactly sure! I am a strong swimmer and love the water, so it has nothing to do with falling in. I grew up in a canoe-loving family and spent a lot of time out on the water, so it isn’t a boat thing. I think it’s how you sit in a kayak vs. a canoe—in the water, instead of on it. I feel trapped.

Anyway, my friend was having none of my fear and before I could process what was happening, I was in a kayak. But (thank goodness), it was a more open designed kayak, so I didn’t feel like I was trapped in a boat. It was glorious!

You may not be able to tell, but 30 minutes before this photo was taken, I was terrified on getting in this rig.

All in all, not too shabby a way to spend a weekend hey?

Thank you, Word on the Street organizers and volunteers. It was a fantastic weekend, filled with all kinds of book love and author crushes. My heart is full.

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