Word on the Street (Halifax)

Word on the Street (Halifax)

Word on the Street (Halifax)

Have you heard of Word on the Street? If not, WOTS is an annual fair to celebrate book love, and it takes place in various cities across Canada every September. I’ve been a fan of them since, oh gosh, the late 1990s when I went to my first one in Halifax (back in the days when it was a giant street festival, before turning into an indoor event down by the wharf before being housed in the beautiful library space it now resides in). I remember even taking my infant daughter to WOTS Toronto way back in 2008 to introduce her to all things book-related…(this also brings back less than pleasant memories of trying to navigate a stroller on Toronto’s public transit system, but that’s a post for another day!).

Anyway, all this to say, how excited am I to have been asked to speak at WOTS Halifax this upcoming weekend? Answer: Very.

I’m going to be part of the Children’s Fiction panel that takes place Saturday morning (September 15) at 10 am.

The other panelists include:

  • Wendy McLeod MacKnight, author of The Frame-Up
  • Jacqueline Halsey, author of Piper

I have some pretty great company, right?

If you’ve never been to Word on the Street before, I highly recommend you go, if you live near any of the hosting cities (which, this year, includes Halifax, Toronto, Saskatoon, and Lethbridge).  Aside from taking in various author readings and panel discussions, you’ll find all kinds of book vendors tempting you along the way! Book swag! Yay!

And for those of you in the Halifax area, I can’t wait to see you this Saturday!

More information on Halifax WOTS can be found here


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