The Secret of Bowring Park hits Newfoundland media

The Secret of Bowring Park hits Newfoundland media

The Secret of Bowring Park hits Newfoundland media

What a whirlwind my trip to the Rock was! And I’ll be posting lots about it in the weeks to come, but two very fun things happened that I wanted to share while they are fresh in my mind.

First: I was on local radio. CBC Weekend AM, out of St. John’s, interviewed me about The Secret of Bowring Park. If you didn’t catch that when it aired, you can listen here.

Second: CBC website (Newfoundland) picked up that story and turned my interview into a printed version. You can read that story here.

It’s been super cool to see how many people have responded to this story. Since I live in PEI, where the Peter Pan statue isn’t really known, I wasn’t used to this attention. I’ve had strangers messaging me, sharing their memories of Peter Pan, and during a book signing at a St.John’s bookstore, I had people come up and share their memories as well.

While playing tourist in my home province, I saw copies of my book in many of the local stores, and pretty much every single time I struck up a conversation with the store owner about it, I was blessed with a Peter Pan story of their own.

This! This, friends, is why I wrote this book and it’s the magic of the statue, really. But I’m getting off on a tangent here…

The Newfoundland Herald, after finding out about this book, also interviewed me! I’ll share that when it is published, but again, I was overwhelmed.

While I was in St. John’s, the Peter Pan statue celebrated its 93rd birthday. Note: That was coincidence. I planned my trip around seat sales, not Peter’s birthday, so that was just super cool.

That was more than two things…oops! Oh well, numbers were never my strong suit…


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