Once Upon a Time…in a Chapters store on the Rock…

Once Upon a Time…in a Chapters store on the Rock…

Once Upon a Time…in a Chapters store on the Rock…

…I got to share The Secret of Bowring Park with some truly lovely people.

On August 25, 2018, I  officially launched TSOBP on the Rock by hosting Children’s Storytime in Chapters St.John’s.

I also got to meet key members of my publishing team for the very first time.

Like this woman:

Donna Francis changed my life, pretty much. That sounds like a huge statement to make, and it is. It’s also 100% true. It was Donna who (under Creative Book Publishing) first contacted me, wanting to publish my story about the Peter Pan statue in Bowring Park. It wasn’t called The Secret of Bowring Park then, nor was the story anything like it was now, but she saw something in the idea and took a chance on me. I’ll forever be grateful for that, and when she came aboard Breakwater Books, after Breakwater bought out Creative Book Publishing, my heart did a huge happy dance.

I also finally got to meet the amazing Laurel Keating, who is the artist responsible for the beautiful illustrations found throughout my book.

Laurel is so lovely, and I really enjoyed getting to talk with her for the first time. Fun story: So, Laurel and I never actually communicated directly during the production of TSOBP, and so, when I got the proofs for the illustrations and saw how closely the depictions of Natalie and Elizabeth (sisters in the book) resemble my own two children…well, I may have cried. Happy tears, of course…I was overwhelmed. The week before seeing the proofs, my youngest decided to cut her own hair (long story and she knows now that she’s not allowed to do that!), resulting in a new bob style for her…very much like the one that Natalie wears in TSOBP.

I told Laurel and her mother, Nancy (also an artist) this story and they smiled and said how lovely that was, but their jaws dropped when my children entered the store and they saw for themselves that I wasn’t exaggerating and seeing things where things were simply not.

I need to get a better picture of the sister pairs (and in the correct order), but this will have to do for now:

Not the best photo as youngest was mid-run, so blurry, and they aren’t in the same order as the photo behind them, but trust me: They look very similar.

There were lovely treats, prepared by Laurel and Nancy:

I had a blast reading to the children (who were so amazing and attentive and just the best ever):

I also had fun chatting with each of the kids who wanted a book signed (plus I gave out stickers):

Laurel also signed books with me, which was super fun (and rare, since we live in different provinces).

And! I got to meet some members of the Bowring family, one of whom was visiting St. John’s from Ontario:

Me sandwiched between Amy Bowring (left) and Stephanie Bowring (right). Amy just happened to be visiting St. John’s from Ontario and decided to check out my book launch…what a treat to meet these two!

Fun story about Amy Bowring: Her son dances with my niece. She is friends with my sister-in-law, who lives in Whitby, Ontario. Small world, right?

I was blessed to have many friends and family in attendance, including my Newfoundland Writing Group (um, H & M: we need a name for our group so I can stop calling us “my Newfoundland Writing Group”). These fine lovelies helped me through all kinds of edits to TSOBP and have been such a wonderful source of support.
All in all, a truly lovely time, and I’m so grateful to everyone at Breakwater Books and Chapters St. John’s for arranging this event. I was even able to leave my mark with the Chapters crew:

Photo Source: Chapters St. John’s Instagram (@thebookdragon)

–> The feature photo, as well as Photo #4 and a couple of the group/signing shots are courtesy of Breakwater Books. The rest were taken by obliging family members.

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