I’m heading to the Rock!

I’m heading to the Rock!

I’m heading to the Rock!

No, I don’t mean Dwayne Johnson (tho that, admittedly, would be exciting)…my family and I are heading to Newfoundland this week!

I’m so excited, you guys. My feet have not been planted on the Rock in six years. For those of you new to my blog and to my life, I was born and grew up in Newfoundland. I lived on the eastern coast of the Island, in a town-turned-city called Mt. Pearl (sometimes spelled “Mount Pearl,” which can get confusing with Google searches, yes), just outside of St. John’s (which is NEVER spelled Saint John’s…that’s a bad mashup of the Newfoundland capital and the New Brunswick Saint John).

When I was 18, I moved to PEI. The next 12 years saw me spending time in the UK and in Ontario before eventually deciding to settle in PEI and here we are. I am blessed to be part-Newfoundlander, part-Prince Edward Islander, and 100% “Islander” through and through. I swear my DNA is part ocean.

Anyway, geography and spelling lessons aside…

I’ll be at Chapters Saturday August 25

Yup! I’ll be leading the Children’s Story Time slot THIS Saturday at Chapters in St. John’s (Kenmount Road).

I’m so looking forward to seeing all the lovely Newfoundland people and sharing this story in the province in which it is set.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m having a blast promoting The Secret of Bowring Park in PEI, but it will be a nice change to not have to explain what “Bowring Park” is or how it is pronounced. A different kind of energy.

So, if you live in the St. John’s area, come on out this Saturday at 11am. I’ll be doing a reading, and you’ll have a chance to meet me (author) and the fabulous Laurel Keating who did those beautiful illustrations in the book. Rumour has it, there will be some pretty spectacular treats, too.

I’m giddy thinking about it. My heart needs a good dose of the Rock, and I plan on soaking in as much as I can while there.

If you’d like to follow my adventures, I invite you to follow me on Instagram. I’ll be posting a lot of memories over there.

(Oh, and for any of you lurking random blog posts, searching for vacant properties to break into while people are away on vacation, keep on searching. We have house sitters lined up, and we own a big dog. I’m doing you a favour here cause you’ll just be wasting your time.)


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