PEI Book Launch for The Secret of Bowring Park

PEI Book Launch for The Secret of Bowring Park

PEI Book Launch for The Secret of Bowring Park

It’s been two weeks since my PEI book launch, and it’s taken me this long to write this post because oh my goodness, what a special night! I’m still beaming from it…

On the evening of July 17, we officially launched The Secret of Bowring Park in PEI. I say “we” because this was not a solo affair by any means, and I could not have had such a wonderful evening without the help of many wonderful people.

There were cupcakes…

Amazing cupcakes…

And as if those adorable animals (inspired by the animals found on the Peter Pan statue itself) weren’t adorable enough for people…we also had fairy cupcakes:

I cannot thank my friend Karla enough for these just-beyond treats. They (deservedly) garnered a lot of attention and were a big hit with both littles and not-so-littles alike.

I made star cookies, but they weren’t as impressive as the cupcakes…

Treats aside…

I displayed some of Laurel Keating’s talented artwork, both in poster form and via stickers of the statue critters:

I have to thank the Confederation Centre Public Library for being such a welcoming host. It was the perfect space to celebrate a children’s book (and I even discovered a Peter Pan statue hiding in the stacks!)

So, after being introduced by one of the lovely librarians, I took my place at the podium and was immediately wowed by the number of people gathered. I think we counted around 45-50, and this was a summer evening on PEI where many would be tempted (myself included!) to head to the beach.  Thank you, to everyone who said no to the beach and decided to come out to hear me talk, instead. My heart was just full of love.

I described what Bowring Park looks like to those who were not familiar with this place, and I told everyone what a magical place it really is. I gave a brief history of how the Peter Pan statue came to be in the park, and I also talked about being inspired to write the story when I saw my then-four-year-old daughter climb all over the statue some thirty plus (ahem) years after I once did as a child.

I read a few excerpts from the book and then invited folks to admire and enjoy all the treats. I signed books for those who wanted a book signed, as well.

I kind of felt somewhere between how I did when I got married and when I was defending my thesis…of course, there were no cupcakes at my thesis defense (although there were nerves and lots of talking about my ideas)…and there were no history lessons at my wedding (but there were desserts and even some cartoon frogs, as our wedding cake toppers were of a bride and groom frog).

Thank you, PEI, for such a wonderful kick-off and celebration of a Newfoundland story! It warms my heart to share these stories with other Islanders.

Special thank yous to:

  • The Confederation Centre library (especially Jennifer!)
  • Lori at The Bookmark for selling books and promoting the event
  • Karla Pope for the above-and-beyond job she did with those cupcakes
  • Breakwater Books for also promoting the event
  • Friends and family who helped with various things that needed to be done
  • Everyone who came out and helped to celebrate

I even saved one of the fairy cupcakes to enjoy once the festivities had died down.

Now I am even more excited to head to Newfoundland next month to celebrate in my home province! Save the date…


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