The duck pond in Bowring Park is a happy place. Children squeal in delight as they toss crumbs to ducks, fish, and the occasional cranky swan. Grown-ups smile as they watch the children laugh. Few frowns are seen in this special place in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

And overlooking the duck pond, Peter Pan and his animal friends stand proudly, unmoving. (For it is very difficult to move when you are a statue.

Every child who has ever visited the Peter Pan statue swears that it is magic.  They know that the mice, squirrels, rabbits, and fairies are never in the same place as the last time they visited.  Some say they’ve seen Peter wink at them, and others believe they’ve heard the soft whispering sounds of a flute.

Are the stories true? Is the Peter Pan statue really magic? Or are the tales just childhood fantasies?

The Secret of Bowring Park is a story of magic, eternal wonder, and the bond between sisters.

This early reader chapter book includes beautiful illustrations by Newfoundland artist Laurel Keating and is published through Breakwater Books.