Welcome to my little corner of the web. If you’ve stumbled upon this page, you likely:

  • Need an editor (yay!)
  • Are interested in reading my writing (yay!)
  • Know me personally and want to show your support (yay!)
  • Know me vaguely and want to secretly stalk me (umm . . . yeah, I can’t cheer for that—sorry!)

I’m happy to help you with bullets 1 through 3. I am an experienced copyeditor and I can give your manuscript a structural edit like nobody’s business (you can read more about my editing experience here).

While I’ve worked with other people’s writing for over 15 years, I’ve recently begun to re-explore my own writing. I say re-explore because I have always written stuff. My elementary school journals were filled with outlines of books (some of which I actually even started!), and I continued to write short stories and other creative pieces through junior high, high school, and university. I often joke that, as an editor, I work with so many voices that belong to other people that it’s difficult to find my own . . . but, ah well, what the heck—I’m doing just that.

I’m pretty open here on my site and I love nothing more than a good ol’fashioned chat (perhaps that’s why I love coffee, tea, and wine so much . . . they go hand-in-hand with great conversation), so do get in touch, whether you’re in need of an editor, you want to chat about my writing, or you just want to say hey. I’m all ears!